Founded by Estelle Nzeminko (a French international and professional handball player), you'll discover every 2 months a variety of products created by women entrepreneurs or artists. All products following one of these categories :
Culture, Literature, Art, Food and Clothes.

On that matter, I had created a postcard with an illustration named : "Mother".
"Mother" is an ode to all women and particularly, to the very first woman who's existed on this Earth. Some call her Eve, Lucy or (you name her), depending on ones culture, religion and beliefs.

Though what remains, is that this first woman, first mother is The First and Solely Mother of us all. The idea of this illustration, is to claim our common ground as humans, and put up front the fact that our differences and similarities, actually are the pieces of the joint puzzle of our Humankind.

Go check out their website, to know more about "The V box" :)
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