Hi, my name is Hina Hundt, I'm a french illustrator currently based in Paris.
I love working on projects that use our differences and struggles as strengths, to bring people together.

- Backgrouds -
I've studied Graphic Arts and Visual Communication at École de Condé - Axe Sud (Toulouse) 
and graduated with a Master's degree.

- Work experiences -
I'm currently working as a Graphic Designer for an automobile company named Métin - Gueudet.
And also freelancing as an Illustrator.

- Bonus -
1. I smile a lot, it's just my best language so far ^^
2. I love traveling and listening to peoples' stories. I'm often amazed by people's resilience.
3. I'm so bad at karaoke, my mum could disinherit me !

Let's get in touch
Now that you know more about me, feel free to tell me your story.
If you have a project inquiry, would like a commissioned illustration or just want to say Hi, 
please fill the contact form below. I'm looking forward to reading from you.
Thank you!
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