- The Human Behind -
Hina Hundt, is a french Illustrator, Artist and Graphic Designer based in Paris. 
Specializing in character design, her work uses inclusivity with vibrant colors and bold compositionsto create expressive visuals that tackle sensitive topics. Representation and the sense of belonging being key to her purpose, she loves working on projects that positively empower and bring people together ; Whether it be through common journeys of struggles and/or strengths. Her artistic vision spans across social justice, mental health, sexual wellness, leadership, love and joy.

Clients, Medias & Organizations who have trusted  Hina Hundt : 
Éditions les Insolentes (Hachette Pratique)
Marie Claire Magazine
Éditions First
Binge Audio
Louie Media
Slate FR
Amnesty International France

Adobe France
Dell XPS & Yara Shahidi

Emjoy app
V Box

Re-Création by Loba
Collectif Mwasi

Enokawa Productions
Armada Productions
Les Glorieuses
Tant Que Je Serai Noire
Spellbound Magazine
Lyvia Cairo

That's What X Said
La Ferme Corsange (Bailly-Romainvilliers) 
File 7 (Magny-le-Hongre)
Galerie du Montparnasse
Parisienne & Alors x Laury Thilleman

Magazines & blogs who have featured Hina Hundt's work :
Marie Claire Magazine, Vogue France, Adobe France, Le Vif/L'Express (Belgium), Frankie.com (Australia), Paulette-magazine.com (France), Reines des Temps Modernes (France), Mrsroots.fr (France)

- Little Bits -
Love to travel through peoples' stories (and being  amazed by the complex journeys).
Love to sing, whereas being very bad at it !
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