Nos Amours Radicales (Our Radical Loves) : It's a collaborative book in which 8 authors (Léane Alestra, Anaïs Bourdet, Sabrina Erin Gin, Lou Eve, Axelle Jah Njiké, Sharone Omankoy, Emanouela Todorova, Nanténé Traoré)​​​​​​​ bring a new perspective on love in times of feminism. 

"Is romantic love the only one that matters ? Are heterosexual couples and feminism compatible ? What is the weight of social or racial inequalities on the couple? What our way of being with each other says about us ? How do we build our intimate relationships by following the principles of equity, which are not yet acquired in the society in which we operate ? 
These are all the questions the authors have been asking themselves. Whether they are activists, authors, social workers or content creators, they are all feminists and engaged in a process of deconstructing the place romantic love can have in our society. 
They have delivered tender, incisive and radical reflections, to offer us another vision of love, towards oneself and towards others: love as a militant, emancipatory act, and already synonymous with revolution."
Publié chez Hachette Pratique - Éditions Les Insolentes
Published with Hachette Pratique - Éditions Les Insolentes
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